Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy Review

If you’re debating whether or not to sign up for 2021’s eCom Success Academy, you’ve come to the right place. With ESA, respected online marketer Andrew Morrison promises to teach you everything you need to set up, execute, and find success with your very own Shopify dropshipping store. Still, is it truly one of the best Shopify dropshipping courses, or should you avoid it altogether?  

We’re here to help answer that question: We spent nearly two dozen hours in the course to provide you with the best review of Adrian Morrison’s course possible — and we’re eager to give you the truth.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

eCom Success Academy Overview

First, let’s go over the basic features eCom Success Academy offers.

  • Seven Learning Modules: Shopify, Sourcing Products, Facebook, Email Marketing, Building Your A-Team, Project Management, Long-term Exit Plan,
  • Weekly Training: Students receive access to Morrison’s “Profit Power Hour” webinars. 
  • Hefty Price Tag: Lastly, ESA is listed at $2,495, making it one of the more costly e-commerce academies compared to something like our Ecom UpStart course.

eCom Success Academy: The Modules

By advertising itself as one of the best Shopify dropshipping courses, it’s expected that you’ll encounter numerous strategies here to get your e-com business up and running at full speed.

And, for the most part, ESA offers quite a bit. Much like our EcomUpstart course, there is a lengthy list of videos users can watch to kickstart their entrepreneurial dreams (we’ll get into whether or not they’re actually any good later on).

Also, in what may be the highlight of our Adrian Morrison review, these modules even include updated information for 2021. That way, you won’t have to worry about paying for outdated information leftover from the class’s original release in 2015.  

Alright, let’s now take a deeper look at the learning modules you’ll find once you’ve finished watching Morrison’s introductory video to the course.

Module 1: Shopify


  1. Shopify setup.
  2. Dropshipping.
  3. Adding products.
  4. Promotional strategies.
  5. Your sales page.
  6. Building your brand.
  7. Shopify app arsenal.
  8. Shopify quick start.

At first glance, you may have noticed that these section titles appear somewhat general.

Well, that’s because they are.

Though students would certainly benefit from his expert perspective as he delves into each of these subjects, perhaps the most disappointing part of our Adrian Morrison ESA review is that the instructional material is often lacking.

Now, that’s not to say the information wouldn’t be helpful for someone just getting started with the Shopify platform, but you will find nothing groundbreaking.

For instance, Morrison never mentions anything about the influence of Instagram users: One of the most significant aspects of the modern e-commerce environment. If you want to call yourself the best Shopify dropshipping course out there and charge such a large price, that kind of detailed information is a necessity.

Module 2: Sourcing Products


  1. AliExpress introduction.
  2. Vendor feedback overview.
  3. Finding top-selling products.
  4. Finding the best vendors.
  5. Dropshipping template.
  6. Negotiating product prices.
  7. Best fulfilliment service.
  8. TeeLaunch T-shirts/mugs/phone cases/products. (Each product is a separate module.)
  9. Sourcing to scale.
  12. Art licensing

Once again, there’s some good information to find, yet the content isn’t without issues. In this section of the review, our main gripe is that many of Adrian Morrison’s strategies focus on saturated areas. For example, countless sellers are already sprinkling the market with those same TeeLaunch items, and we were limited to choosing only ten artists in the “Art licensing” section.

Module 3: Facebook


  1. FB marketing setup.
  2. FB fan pages.
  3. FB ad types.
  4. FB ad objectives.
  5. FB targeting.
  6. Advanced FB targeting.
  7. FB audiences.
  8. The FB pixel.
  9. Writing a FB ad.
  10. FB bidding strategy.
  11. Ads kill or scale.
  12. Advanced split testing.
  13. FB quick start.

In this section, Morrison’s expertise shines as he offers strategies for effective FB ads. However, he rarely provides detailed reasoning behind his recommendations, so they seem more like strict requirements rather than helpful instruction.

Module 4: Email Marketing


  1. MailChimp setup.
  2. Email template.
  3. Free offer email promotions.
  4. Retail offer email promos.
  5. Mailing non-openers.
  6. Mailing non-clickers.
  7. 3-day email promo formula.

Like with many of the modules, there’s something to be gained from Morrison’s experience — but not anything you couldn’t find elsewhere (and for cheaper!).

Module 5: Building Your A-team


  4. Project manager.
  5. Customer service.
  6. Social media managers.

If you’re already leading a bustling online business, this module will teach you how to expand further. If you’re a beginner, however, it won’t provide much use.

Module 6: Project Management


  1. Slack
  2. Asana overview
  3. Asana FB template
  4. Asana CS template

Once again, this module is for already-successful entrepreneurs who need additional strategies for managing their business. If you’re a newbie, you’re probably going to have to skip this one.  

Module 7: Long-term Exit Plan

Finally, in the last module we cover in our review, Adrian Morrison provides insight for selling a business once it’s already successful.

It’s interesting to hear his take on the subject, and we found his experience valuable, especially for such a complex topic. However, it’s more likely that students eyeing this class are interested in building a profitable business — not selling one — so this information may not be entirely relevant.

The Bottom Line: What is the Best Shopify Dropshipping Course?

When comparing Adrian Morrison’s course to other offerings, it’s difficult to justify such a significant investment. Considering that you can still receive a bulk of this information for half the price from other experts, there’s little incentive to purchase these lessons in place of a cheaper — yet still effective — alternative. 

Take our Ecom Upstart course, for instance. For nearly a fraction of the price ESA demands, we’ve prepared one of the most detailed and instructive resources for aspiring entrepreneurs on the internet. Not only does it delve into the same topics covered in Morrison’s course with greater depth, but it also touches on additional subjects that ensure you have all the knowledge (if not more) necessary to enjoy unlimited success on Shopify.

So, if you’d rather keep some change in your wallet while enjoying the unbeatable value, visit Ecom Upstart to see what makes it the best Shopify dropshipping course out there. You can thank us five years from now when your business has taken off to incredible heights!

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