Dropship Lifestyle Review: Is It one of the Best Dropshipping Courses?

Dropshipping is a unique model that creates a low-cost business opportunity. You can work it as a side hustle or as a full-time job, depending on the levels of success created.

Why choose dropshipping over other business opportunities? This model doesn’t require you to carry inventory or handle the shipping for your online store. All that gets taken care of by third-party providers.

That means your focus is on sales, customer service, and user experiences.

Although you could do all the work yourself, Dropship Lifestyle gives you extra resources to use to bring your brand online faster than ever.

Could it be one of the best done-for-you Shopify store options you can find?

What to Expect When Using Dropship Lifestyle

Dropship Lifestyle is a course that delivers specific modules that help you build your first Shopify store. The course was built by Anton Kraly, who has successfully built many successful shopify drop shipping stores in many niches.

The goal is to get your new side hustle as profitable as possible in the shortest amount of time. Although results can vary, the information delivered in this resource can produce positive results quickly.

Most course have remained the same over the years, but Dropship Lifestyle continuously improves. You’ll learn about the foundations of e-commerce and online business, start thinking about why you want to pursue this opportunity, and review a lifestyle code of ethics in Version 7.0.

Dropship Lifestyle Course Overview

Dropship Lifestyle is a massive course package. It includes a course and much morse. Below is a quick breakdown of what is included in the course.

  • Course Blueprint
  • Multiple Training Sessions
  • “Ultimate Package” Which includes Bonuses
  • Course Version 7.0 which includes constant updates.

Once you’ve reviewed the essentials of the initial module, you’ll find upgraded content on competition, finding suppliers, and what niches provide the most opportunities.

Although the course is suitable for beginners, even experienced dropshippers can find some inspiration from the information and techniques shared in the system. If you invest in the Ultimate package, you’ll receive a done-for-you Shopify store and a retreat ticket for that year’s Dropship Lifestyle event.

Each year, an opportunity to learn from the best while visiting an exotic location is part of the Ultimate experience. Past destinations have included Prague, Hawaii, and Thailand.

This course covers the many major topics you need to learn how to run your entire business from products to marketing. Below are the major areas you’ll cover.

How To Pick The Best Niche For Your Store

We have built dozens of ecommerce stores. The right niche is something that has a mix of two things: your interests and what is in demand.

Pro Tip: Never sell products that have no demand. Unless you have thousands or millions of dollars to create awareness, it’s best to sell stuff people already need or want.

Best Marketing Strategy for Dropshipping

Marketing is a fundamental any store owner needs to have knowledge in to run a successful business. For a dropshipping store, you’ll require skills in social media marketing, influencer marketing and paid ads such as google ads and Facebook ads.

Finding The Best Suppliers and Getting Approval

Finding the best suppliers for your specific product is essential for your store’s success. With so many options available, having a set criteria to follow is best so that you have consistency in how you source your products.

Outsourcing and Ecommerce Automation For Your Business

Finally there is automation. Now, for any business to grow and scale to the moon you need automation. There is no other way to scale. Although at first you will start slow, it’s always good to have a system in place so that when you start growing you are not limited by systems and processes.

How to Promote Your New Dropshipping Business

Although search engines deliver traffic to the most valuable websites possible based on user keywords, that fact alone doesn’t guarantee that people will visit your new dropshipping site.

You need to think about how to market your new side hustle or business to gain more traffic. That means you need to go to where the people are for your niche.

When you choose Dropship Lifestyle to learn more about this exciting opportunity, you’ll find resources that help you master sending traffic from social media, Google product ads, and other resources.

There is even a module on outsourcing and how to do business abroad.

Let’s face it. When you get active on social media or start creating advertisements, the time it takes to generate content is massive. Shouldn’t it be as easy to update your outreach opportunities as it is to build your first store?

That’s the reasoning behind the traffic mastery modules with Dropship Lifestyle. The value you find here from the course’s creator is massive, and it can help you push toward success while everyone else struggles to get out of the starting gate.

Are There Disadvantages to Consider with Dropship Lifestyle?

No course is 100% perfect. That doesn’t mean Dropship Lifestyle isn’t one of the best dropshipping courses to consider, but there are some precautions to consider.

When you look at Dropship Lifestyle, two issues stand out right away: the cost of the course and the refund policy.

You receive a money-back guarantee, but you must take specific steps to qualify for a refund.

  • New students must select a niche.
  • They need to show that they’ve contacted a minimum of 20 suppliers.
  • A website must get built.
  • All these steps must be completed within 30 days.

There are no exceptions to the refund policy.

The other issue with Dropship Lifestyle is that you don’t cover organic traffic generation in the current course format.

Since SEO traffic converts better than social media or paid advertising, it would make sense to include it when looking through the lens of a formal Dropship Lifestyle review.



  • High Price of $5000
  • Refund Policy is very strict.
  • No SEO or Organic Marketing Training

The Best Dropshipping Courses Are Not a Scam!

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment option. It allows e-commerce businesses to outsource different aspects of the transaction and completion process to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Sellers usually outsource the fulfillment process to third-party providers, which are typically suppliers. You’ll receive a list with an investment in Dropship Lifestyle to get you started.

In return for this outsourcing, you receive decreased operational and overhead costs. When customers send orders to you, the physical fulfillment is out of your hands. Your job is to let consumers know that their items are on the way to their door.

That means you are the seller of record. You set the prices, record purchases as revenue, and assume other responsibilities (such as tax collection). Even if your third-party provider ships the items, you still hold this status because the inventory is technically yours before it gets sent to the customer.

You can even use dropshipping on Amazon if you follow their policies.

As for Dropship Lifestyle, it won the best e-commerce course of the year award from Shopify because of the information it delivers to consumers.

Over 10,000 people have found success with this information, and it is easy to see why with the amount of information you receive.

Dropship Lifestyle Review: Are There Any Alternatives?

Dropshipping is a popular choice for anyone who embraces a side hustle idea but has limited time to develop formal arrangements for inventory, shipping, and fulfillment.

Dropship Lifestyle provides several excellent resources to consider if you want a straightforward option for starting this kind of opportunity.

Dropship Lifestyle Alternatives

Our Recommended Pick: Ecom Upstart

The best dropshipping courses to serve as an alternative to this resource provide a different take while delivering equally convenient solutions. That’s why Ecom Upstart is worth considering.

First off Ecom Upstart aims to do exactly what DSL does but at a much lower price and it covers mostly the topics that you need to know without all the extra fluff. Sometimes a lot of information isn’t better. Quality vs quantity.

With Ecom Upstart you get a course, access to a private FB Group and constant course updates all for $497. Which is much lower than the price of DSL at $5000.

Ecom Upstart Course Overview

  • Course Blueprint
  • Step by Step Worksheets
  • All Templates Required For Marketing
  • Private Facebook Group

What we like about this course is that it covers what you need to know to be successful without covering information that you really won’t use. Too many courses go overboard on the number of videos when most of the content can be explained in just a few hours.

If you’re looking for the best dropshipping course that won’t break the bank, we recommend Ecom Upstart.

You can find it at https://ecomupstart.com

Whether you choose Ecom Upstart, Dropship Lifestyle, or a different direction you select yourself, you’ll find that side hustles can potentially turn into full-time, high-earning opportunities with these resources.

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