The Ultimate eCom Elites Course Review – Is it Worth it?

With Shopify’s unlimited potential, you have a golden opportunity to start your own dropshipping business or Ecommerce store. Even though Shopify’s user interface is excellent, you may be overwhelmed once you realize how massive this titan of a platform really is. Luckily you could always invest in a course which takes you step by step on your way to maximum profit. Today, we are looking at the eCom Elites course. During this review, you’ll find out if this course is actually worth it.

The Price of eCom Elites

Let’s cut right to the chase. The eCom Elites course cost $197. You can purchase it with a one time deal, but there are a couple of editions. Even with the standard edition, it equips you with everything you need to start an online business using Shopify. It has features such as:

  • Store Setup Training
  • Product Research Training
  • Social Media Traffic Training
  • Email Marketing Training
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training
  • Recurring Weekly Videos
  • Private Group Access
  • Chatbot Access
  • Full Modules

The ultimate edition comes with everything stated above, but with a few extra special features. The ultimate edition costs $297 for lifetime access and has additional features such as:

  • Complete Step by Step Sales Funnel Training
  • Google Shopping Ads Training
  • Premade Sales Funnel
  • Top selling book included

eCom Elites Curriculum Walkthrough

The course has several modules that take you step by step through the Ecommerce startup process. It’s fairly easy to just go along at your own pace and learn by each module.

Setting up Your Store – Module 1 (3 to 4 hours)

The first section guides you through the setup of the process on Shopify. You’ll learn about designing your site using Shopify’s easy interface, configuring customer payment methods, and how to work with a fulfillment system. Luckily Shopify makes it easy to pick templates for your store. This course will take you right through everything so you can set up your store rather quickly with 17 videos.

Sourcing Products – Module 2 (4 to 5 hours)

Newer sellers tend to get stuck on the sourcing aspect of dropshipping. Doing the research, picking the right product to sell, and getting in touch with suppliers. Even though it could be complex, module 2 tackles everything such as finding an easy item to sell, pricing it effectively, and finding products with volume. There are 20 videos total in this module.

Facebook Ads – Module 3 (6 to 7 hours)

Even if you find a gem product to sell, it doesn’t mean consumers know about it. You have to effectively do your part and learn about marketing. With 31 videos, this module hammers the essential aspects of utilizing Facebook for advertising. It’s an extensive section, but it’s broken up with visuals and infographics which makes it easier to remember.

Instagram Traffic – Module 4 (1 to 2 hours)

After shifting the focus from Facebook to Instagram, this module is much lighter with 9 videos. It’s hard to ignore the hyperactivity of Instagram with over one billion users. It’s a phenomenal source of traffic, and eCom Elites you through the power of influencer marketing and more lessons on advertising through the platform.

Email Marketing – Module 5 (1 to 2 hours)

Having email subscribers has some outstanding benefits if you market it the right way. Having a newsletter is the perfect method for building relationships and turning customers into repeat buyers. This module has 12 videos discussing possible platforms to use, making your emails, and building your email list up.

Chatbot – Module 6 (2 to 3 hours)

Module 6 goes into depth about using chatbot which is a pretty unique strategy for a Shopify course. Setting up a chatbot isn’t as hard as it sounds and the 10 videos take you through basic configuration, setting up commands, and making chat flows. It’s a great module because a chatbot isn’t expensive and doesn’t require too much effort. On the flip side, they could save you time answering frequently asked questions about your product.

Sales Funnel – Module 7 (2.5 hours)

The sales funnel module has 15 videos and targets upselling tactics and pricing. eCom Elites uses a third party app called ClickFunnels on Shopify, and the videos will guide you through setting up your sales funnel. This module creates a clear focus for your product and helps you create a seamless experience for your customers throughout the sales process.

Google Ads – Module 8 (3 to 4 hours)

Something that eCom Elites does correctly, is not mashing ads into one section. For example, Facebook ads are vastly different from Google ads and have different strategies. With this module, they walk you through making efficient Google ads with 17 videos. You’ll find out about key Google components such as adwords, retargeting, and keyword research.

Organic SEO – Module 9 (1 to 2 hours)

There is seemingly no end to the complexity of SEO. With only 9 videos, eCom Elites provides an overview to SEO so viewers could at least be aware of how important the topic is. It’s hard to talk about online ads and organic traffic without mentioning SEO, which is why it seems necessary to include here towards the end.

Top Secret Videos 10 – Module 10

This is mainly going to be additional tips and tricks as you go. Like we said before, Shopify gives you unlimited potential, so it never hurts to have extra tips in your bag. You’ll learn about building Facebook pages, and providing customers with coupons or warranties.

eCom Elites Course Alternatives

The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass is our first alternative to eCom Elites. This course is also geared towards beginners and helps you get your store running in hours. It has similar modules such as building your store, funneling sales, and targeting customers with a duration of around 15 hours. It’s a much cheaper option and you can usually find it for less than $20.

The second alternative is Ecom Upstart. We think that this course is extremely resourceful and also has similar modules to eCom Elites. Ecom Upstart is efficient and gets right to the point of opening your own Shopify store. It targets newer sellers who are looking for basics and advanced strategies that nobody talks about.

Ecom Upstart does a great job of covering the major topics and helping you develop the perfect plan to start your store. It’s a great course for anyone who want’s to skip the fluff and focus on what really counts. Making a profit from a successful dropshipping store.

With Ecom Upstart you get a complete course that includes worksheets, a course blueprint and a private Facebook group. Not only that, but you get it all for a much lower price at $497.

Ecom Upstart Overview

  • Dropshipping Mindset
  • Finding the Right Suppliers and Product Sourcing
  • Niche Research and Selection
  • Store Setup and Optimization
  • FB Ads and Influencer Marketing Training
  • Scaling And Automation

This course covers all the major steps and outlines them in detail. It’s not long and full of useless information like many courses. With Ecom Upstart you focus on getting your store profitable without wasting time. The course focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to information.

For the best alternative to Ecom Elites we highly recommend Ecom Upstart.

Our Final Verdict

Whether you choose Ecom Elites or Ecom Upstart, it’s always a good idea to make sure you get the right information and have the right resources to start. If you’re serious about your Shopify online store, it won’t be long before you make your investment back. You also get a smooth process in return so you won’t get overwhelmed and quit during early stages of building your store. Overall, both courses are great options we highly recommend to help you start your dropshipping business.

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